"It’s alternative pop in the way that it catches you from the start, and leaves you at the edge of your seat. Lucky for us, Grace isn’t done yet—on the contrary, she’s just getting started"


"Budding alt-pop star Olivia Grace is reminiscent of a younger, more relatable Lana Del Rey. With just one year in LA under her belt, it already seems as though Olivia Grace will make her mark on the music industry in a big way. She exudes a unique charm, as seen in her previous releases “Shoestrings” and “Blackbird,” where her moody, off-color sound is topped off with a glow of a youthful innocence. If her recent releases are any measure of her future success, she’s a name you’re going to want on your radar.  "


"Backed by airy synths and minimal production, "Safe" pushes your eyes closed as you slip into a trance spurred by Olivia Grace's vocal here. Pairing soulful lyrics with a dreamlike approach, it is made too easy to get lost in this song."


"Indie pop singer Olivia Grace releases her new single “Blackbird,” which basically sounds like Norah Jones’ sexy evil twin ended up on the other side of the mirror in Wonderland. This darkly seductive track fuses Olivia’s eerie yet beautiful vocals, lyrics busy with metaphors, and daring tempo changes with waves of darkness...The track has true cinematic feels, making it easy to imagine perhaps on the soundtrack of American Horror Story."


"Every once in a while, you’ll hear a song that just jumps out at you. Olivia Grace’s “Shoestrings” is one of these songs. Her unique style is both quirky & dark and brings with it a sense of innovation and a focus on introspective lyrics...In a few years’ time, I think she has what it takes to be a leading name in defining the genre of dark pop."


"Melanie Martinez and Halsey might have to make room for another queen of dark pop. Songstress Olivia Grace crafts immersive tunes that’ll turn the world around you into a foggy forest or a castle of secrets… And that’s just the beginning. Most recently, Grace has released “Blackbird”, an equally eerie and intrepid track that borrows qualities from madness and elegance"


"Something rather special here from an up and coming singer-songwriter... Unbelievably beautiful writing and suitably restrained production frame the ethereal vocals."


"Promising indie pop artist... Her music is dark, smoldering indie pop and has traces of Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Lorde and Lana Del Rey."